A partnership rooted in shared values, vision and an abundance of Love, Light and Kindness

Education is a fundamental human right and the ultimate equalizer. 

We believe in a world were everyone has access to education.

260 million children around the world are not in school.

By 2030, 825 million youth globally will not have the skills necessary for the future workforce if not action is taken.* This means we are in a global education crisis.

We believe it’s time to make education everyone’s business!

*Source: Global Business Coalition for Education

Mark Farhat Giusti:
a personal commitment to spreading Love, Light and Kindness

Growing up in Africa, Mark witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by communities with limited access to education. His personal experiences have profoundly influenced his values and the direction of his brand.

The Love Abundance Initiative is a symphony of actions, campaigns, and aspirations.

It seeks to empower charity collaborations, shine a light on mental well-being, and sculpt an inclusive culture.

The Event

The collaboration with MARK / GIUSTI will include a series of fundraising events, awareness campaigns, and special projects aimed at garnering support for the charity’s mission.

The highlight of this collaboration will be an exclusive event on Thursday, June 20th, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about our work and contribute to our cause.

Join us in transforming lives through education!

Let’s create a world where every child has the right to learn and grow. Donate now and be a part of Bella Esperanza’s journey towards a brighter tomorrow!

We believe in transparency

We guarantee this by having two bank accounts: one for the school project, one for operational costs.

Your online donation goes fully into our school project.

You can also donate via bank wire:

School Construction


Operation Costs


Bella Esperanza brings education to children, teens and young adults in developing nations.

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